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Get the Top-Quality Car Tinting in Dubai

You can enhance the look of your car by getting our car tinting service in Dubai. It gives a comfortable interior and a modern exterior look.

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Quality Tint Films

Quality Tint Films

We provide premium quality car tint films of different types.

24-7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Our experts are always available to give instant replies and suggestions.

Attractive Discounts

Attractive Discounts

We offer appealing discounts on our car glass tinting services in Dubai.

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Our Expertise in Window Tinting for Every Car

At our workshop, we provide seamless tinting on all glasses of every car brand and model. Our experts have the skills to apply tints on every size or dimension of car windows. Visit us today to upgrade your car windows.


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Get The Most Cost-Effective Car Window Tinting Dubai From Us 

Car AC Repair is a Dubai-based brand, renowned for serving premium-quality tints to create a protected and private atmosphere in your car.

Our car window tinting Dubai price range is very reasonable, and anyone can easily afford it. Call us now for a free quote for any specific tint type for your car. Our tint films enhance the luxurious look of your car and offer protection to your windows.


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Choose the Perfect Tinting Type for Your Car in Dubai


Dyed Tinting

Our professionals provide dye tinting services in Dubai by installing a dye layer. It enables privacy in the car and also provides heat reduction. Make your drive more comfortable by getting dyed tinting services from us.


Metalized Tinting

Metalized car tint contains tiny metallic particles to increase the strength of your car windows. They add durability to the glass by creating a very presentable appearance.


Hybrid Tinting

Hybrid car tints are made by combining dyed and metalized tints. You can have the installation of this tint on your car windows to reduce the glare. It offers better visibility as compared to other tint types.


Ceramic Tinting

Ceramic nanoparticles are used in the making of this tint. It provides protection from UV rays without compromising visibility. Make your car windows appealing and more clear at the same time with our ceramic car tinting.

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Why Choose Us for Car Tinting in Dubai?

Our company offers high-quality window tint films for full privacy and maximum protection. These are designed to block outside glare and heat. They have significant positive effects on your health and car interior.

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Flexible Scheduling
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You don’t have to wait for hours in a row to get quality window tints. We work for the convenience of our customers. You will be requested to arrive at our workshop at your convenient time. This way, you can get our efficient services by saving your time.

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Need To Ask Some Questions Or Check Questions

Some benefits of car window tinting in Dubai include reduced heat and glare inside the car, protection from UV rays, increased privacy, enhanced aesthetics, and improved safety during window breakage. Tinting can also help to prolong the lifespan of the car’s interior by reducing fading and cracking.

Dubai car window tinting involves:

  • Cleaning the windows.
  • Measuring.
  • Cutting the tint film to fit.
  • Applying a solution.
  • Carefully installing the tint film.

Smoothing the film by removing air bubbles is the last part of the tinting process. The car should not be driven for 2 hours after tinting to ensure stability.

The time it takes to tint a car in Dubai can vary depending on the window size and the complexity. Generally, a complete car tinting job can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to finish. Besides, allowing the tint film to fully dry and adhere to the windows before driving the car is also important.

Yes, car tinting can be removed after some time if not desired anymore. It can be removed using a heat gun or steamer to loosen the adhesive and carefully peel off the film. Consider hiring our professionals to remove the tint safely without damaging the windows or leaving adhesive marks.

Yes, we offer a warranty for window tinting services at our auto-care centre in Dubai. Our warranty covers any defects in workmanship and the quality of materials used during tinting. The length and coverage of our warranty may vary depending on the type of tinting service you choose.

To choose the best car tinting service in Dubai, look for a reputable company with positive customer reviews and skilled technicians who use high-quality tinting materials. Check if they offer different types of tints to ensure the most suitable window tinting selection.