Process for Tinting Car Windows | How Long Does It Take?

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Automobile window tinting is a process of application of a thin layer of tint film over the glass windows of your vehicles. The installation of window tint film instantly darkens the inside view, and you cannot see inside the car interior. Window film enhances the car’s outlook and serves the functional purpose of reducing the outside glare.

Car window tinting can give your automobile a high-profile look and the vibe of a celebrity. You can tint your car window glass using different tinting films, including ceramic, laminate, hybrid, dyed, carbon, or metalized. If you plan to tint your automobile, you have it in the right spot. We are here to help you with the easy steps to install the window film, and you can have the time estimate to install the tint on different types of windows.

Step By Step Procedure To Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows

Step By Step Procedure To Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows

When purchasing the film, you can choose the most popular choice for the laminate, ceramic, or carbon window tint. Still, all these films differ in practicality and appearance, so you must select them according to your requirements and preferred choice. Before you proceed, ensure you have all the tools to get the process fast and straight.

List Of Needed Materials & Tools

After you purchase the film of your choice, grab all the mandatory tools and materials listed below.

  • A piece of microfiber cloth
  • A razor or sharp knife
  • A tape measure
  • Scraper blade
  • A squeegee
  • Application solution
  • Heat gun
  • A tint roller
  • Soapy water

1. Clean The Windows

Clean The Windows

It is better to start with properly cleaned windows to give them a neat look. First, make the dust off the window free and dust off all the dirt from the surface with the help of a clean piece of cloth.

You can make a soapy solution and wipe off the accumulated dirt from the sides of the glass windows. Don’t forget to wipe down the gasket and the gap between them. The glass cleaner and scrub sponge can also vacuum windows before tinting. Use the low-lint cloth to remove the excess moisture and let the windows dry for sometime

2. Cut The Film To Size

Cut The Film To Size

After you have cleaned the windows, now is the time to proceed with the installation process. But before you install the film, you will need to cut the film to the size of the car window type. The windows of the cars differ with the change of model and manufacturing company. You can use the tape measure to get the exact length and width of the widows to cut the film to its size.

Another approach that you can use to cut the film perfectly to the size of the windows is to place your chosen film on the respective car window and cut them according to the dimensions of the windows. Use gloves while using the sharp knife to cut the film.

3. Remove the Backing & Install The Film

Remove the Backing & Install The Film

Now that you have the tint film tailored to the size of your vehicle’s windows, place the film on a smooth surface and carefully remove the backing using your fingernail. The window tint film can be peeled and stuck or non-adhesive. If you are a beginner, you must purchase the film with peel and stick that comes with the built-in adhesive materials on the back.

When installing the film, always apply it from the top of the car windows to ensure a smooth outlook. Never install the film all at once, and have a gentle but careful grip on the lower part when the film is being installed on the top portion of the window. Make sure to apply the film to the window corners perfectly.

4. Secure The Car Window Tint Film

Secure The Car Window Tint Film

Although the film was cut to the size of the windows, if you notice that the film needs to be cut down from the sides, you can trim the excessive window tint film using the razor knife. Use the tint roller to remove the bubbles. Secure the film to each corner of the windows, and don’t forget to remove the excess moisture from the surface.

Removing the bubbles from the tint film is important to avoid poor visibility or sightedness at night. After the installation, if you notice the marks of your fingers on the film, you can use the cleaner and wipe off the spots using your gentle hands so that the film won’t dislocate from its position.

Time Required To Tint Your Automobile Windows

Time Required To Tint Your Automobile Windows

The time to install the window tint film varies according to the type of vehicle and the number of windows you will cover. Besides, if it is DIY and you are not an expert, it can take anywhere between 3-4 hours for beginners.

However, with the expert’s help, the entire car window tinting film can be installed between 2-3 hours. The time for installation also depends on the efficiency and experience of the service providers you hire. Besides that, if you want to install them on the front windows only, it will take 30-45 minutes.

Final Note!

Automobile window tinting is installing a thin layer of film on the windows to reduce the glare inside the car or to protect your car’s upholstery. It is fairly simple to install tint film on the windows of your car. You can cut the film to the exact size of your windows using a sharp knife.

After removing the film’s backing, you can install the tint film on the side windows. You can use the paint roller to smooth out the film on the windows so that it won’t make bubbles and offer a smooth outlook. This entire process generally takes 2-4 hours and 30-45 minutes for the front doors.

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